Ethos Pink Kush RSO Syringe


Premium full-spectrum cannabis extract
1mL syringe.

THC:78% cannabinoid content. See back photo for % of each.

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Ethos Pink Kush RSO Syringe contains a high quality, lab tested, full spectrum indica oil.

BC Pink Kush is world renowned for its potency, and it has now been refined into a full-profile, full-spectrum oil with 78% cannabinoids for you to enjoy.

Ethos Extracts Syringes are made locally in Victoria by an experienced producer who is passionate about their work. All extracts are made using quality locally grown product. This oil has high medicinal value and may be used to treat severe pain, insomnia, nausea, PTSD, and cancer. RSO oil is named after Rick Simpson, the curator who first discovered that this oil could be used to treat a wide variety of serious health issues. Studies are now being done to prove these claims, finding that THC has an apoptotic effect on cancerous cells. This ‘programmed cell death’ protects the healthy part of the cell while eliminating the parts that have been affected by cancer and disease.

This oil may be used orally, topically, or smoked/inhaled.

Dose: We suggest starting with a very small dose of this concentrated oil, a drop approximately half the size of a grain of rice. Oil should be taken with foods containing saturated fats for optimal absorption. Please allow 1-3 hours for the full effects to be felt before increasing your dose as needed. If taken as a sleep aid, take 1-2 hours before bedtime. To avoid the strong taste of this oil, it may be taken inside a spoonful of yogurt, a piece of bread, a cracker, or other foods.


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78% cannabinoid content. See back photo for % of each.

Cartridge Size

1ml cartridge


Pink Kush


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