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Medicated peanut butter filled chocolate. Made with 50mg THC. All chocolates are infused with winterized BHO. Winterized BHO is processed on a closed loop extractor. Once out of the extractor the oil is re-dissolved in 96% ethanol and put into the freezer for 24-48 hours for the plant waxes and lipids to solidify and separate out. The oil is then strained to remove the solidified material and purged, first over a hot plate to remove the bulk of the solvent and then finished in a vacuum oven.


Milk chocolate, peanut butter, cane sugar, peanuts, corn syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract. Contains 50mg of winterized BHO each. *CONTAINS PEANUTS* This product was made in a facility that uses major food allergens, including nuts.


For adults use by qualified patients. Begin by using a small portion, and wait 40 minutes, Increase dosage as needed to easy symptoms. Titrate dosage in small portions to avoid overdoing it. Stay hydrated and only use medicine safely in a controlled setting. Cannabis is non-toxic.


Will very based on patients weight, metabolism and dietary habits. Between 1 and 2 per package. Do not exceed 4 doses per 6-hour period for average weight patients.


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