Mimosa Sativa Hybrid

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Mimosa Sativa Hybrid is a cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, this new strain has received acclaim for its sweet and sour, fruit punch and citrus rind aroma and fun medium buzz. Great in the morning, Mimosa induces fast-acting, energetic cerebral effects that spark joy and help to keep users engaged and focused. Many users also report body effects such as head to toe tingles, and light muscle relaxation. Over-indulgence could cause lethargy, but anyone who struggles with fatigue will be pleased with the energy boost they get from medicating. Eases stress and depression, and other issues including pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Although Mimosa might feel amazing, this is a strain best used in the daytime, as using it in the evening could cause restlessness.


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1 review for Mimosa Sativa Hybrid

  1. Shawn Connors (verified purchase)

    Absolutely love this for daytime. Such a fresh, bright flavor and smell. Really energetic high. Don’t use this for nite time.

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