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Northern Lights Indica is among the most beloved pure indica strains of all time. It is descended from indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains.

Like their namesake auroras, these crystal-covered buds can come in different hues of green and purple, and have a pungent sweet and spicy aroma. Northern Lights’ dreamy psychoactive effects are can be felt as the mind drifts towards a peaceful chill-out, and the muscles relax into a comfortable laziness. Have some snacks ready, because Northern Lights is notorious for activating the appetite.

Northern Lights is highly sedative, and is recommended for evening and night-time use, and as a treatment for sleeplessness and insomnia, while the numbing effects of the body high can help to ease pain. Accompanying the body stone is a sense of contented happiness, and Northern Lights can help with relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

This cannabis was greenhouse-raised on Vancouver Island.


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