OG Kush


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica Hybrid

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OG Kush is a legendary strain known around the world and among the favorites of many seasoned smokers. It offers a rich earthy aroma with strong effects.
  • Versatile effects that lend itself to the user’s mood and mindset.
  • A combination of mental stimulation and improvement in mood makes this a uniquely social strain, good for parties and lively conversations.
  • A great way to enhance activities that involve the body and mind, like video games, exercise, and even sex.
  • OG Kush see’s medical application as a means to temporarily relieve anxiety and depression by helping users live in the moment.
  • Its sense of focus can help those suffering from attention deficit disorders.
  • Some smokers report relief from headaches and migraines with OG Kush.
Grade: AAAA Type: Indica Hybrid Lineage: Chemdawg, Hinud Kush Test Data THC: 19-26% CBN: 0 – 0.3% Linalool: 0.08 – 0.3% CBG: 0 – 1.4% B-Myrcene: 0.1 – 0.7% THCV: 0 – 0.8% a-Pinene: 0 – 0.5% CBC: 0 – 0.3% D-Limonene: 0.06 – 0.6% CBL: 0 – 0.4% B-Caryophyllene: 0.06 – 0.5%

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