Super Mario Vaping Oil


1ml of Super Mario Vaping Oil

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This oil is made from Super Mario flower that was grown in Beautiful British Columbia!

This winterized BHO Oil product run on a ‘BizzyBeest’ CO2 jacketed column meaning that it was extracted below -40C. The winterizing process causes the fats and lipids to ‘fall-out’ of the solution whilst retaining precious terpenes.  The solution is then placed into a ‘Roto-Vap’ which removes the alcohol at a lower temp utilizing constant agitation and vacuum pressure. It’s then whipped on a digital agitating hotplate to complete the process. So this sub-zero BHO was winterized and then finished to perfection!

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 80.55% Cannabinoids! This includes 74.20% THC!


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