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Pressed solventless rosin. Excellent for vaping or smoking!

THC:90% by volume

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This Rosin is made from Holy Grail Flowers grown in Beautiful British Columbia!

This award-winning hybrid is the offspring of hybrid OG#18 and Indica plant Kosher Kush. The effects are more similar to a smooth relaxed type of buzz, with you feeling happy, upbeat and ready to be creative after smoking it. Due to its potency, it is very commonly used as a pain reliever in medicine, but is also used to treat insomnia, stress and nausea. The aroma of the plant itself is comparable to kush, and has a strongly spiced and citrusy smell mixed in as well. Its taste is like that of pine, but with an earthy and sweet combination thrown in.

Because the THC in this extract is not fully decarboxylated, it could be eaten for the benefits of THC-A without a pronounced psychoactive effect. The process to create this pressed rosin is solventless.

This high-end Rosin has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 93.24% Cannabinoids! This includes 90.00% THC!


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Holy Grail




90% by volume


1 gram of pressed rosin



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