Viridesco – Papaya Punch Shatter


Great for vaping and smoking!

Type:Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC:89.21% by volume

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This shatter is made from Papaya Punch Flowers grown in beautiful British Columbia!

This indica takes a ton of flavor and some serious power from its parents, Papaya and Purple Punch. Like every Purple Punch cross, this stuff has a great berry flavor along with some super relaxing qualities. The Papaya’s tropical flavor isn’t lost, rather it lends to this fruity concoction, creating a pleasurable hit every time. The initial high tends to hit sort of like a sativa, inspiring creativity and boosting your mentality. As that wears down you get a relaxing feeling that settles you into comfort no matter where you are.

This high-end Shatter has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 94.14% Cannabinoids! This includes 89.21% THC!


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Papaya Punch


Indica Dominant Hybrid


89.21% by volume


1 gram of shatter