White Castle Vaping Oil


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1mL cartridge

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This BHO oil is made from White Castle flower that was grown in Beautiful British Columbia! The oil comes packaged and ready for accurate dosage in The Patron Eos-Dispenser.  This dispenser is the world’s first dispenser specifically designed for the viscous resins of Hemp!  Accurate to 0.01mL, Patron’s industry defining Patron Dispenser is the most precise on the market, down to the smallest milliliter. White Castle is a tantalizing mixture of the world renowned White Widow and Nirvana’s strain Ice. With two award winning parents White Castle has a lot to live up to, and by many user’s accounts, it has done just that. The sweet strawberry flavors of this strain produces a social and uplifting ‘high’ from its mother’s lineage while also producing a stronger couch-locking ‘stone’ from its father’s lineage. This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 77.99% Cannabinoids! This includes 74.60% THC!


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